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Childcare, Education and Community Outreach Services.

Who We Are


Welcome to the The SIHAF Group, a company that seeks to provide fun and educationally appropriate childcare, advanced technological k-12 education curriculum's, fast-track adult career training, holistic health care services and Christian local and global community outreach. 


Our Mission

The Mission of The SIHAF Group is to provide life enhancement services in childcare, education, health care and church ministries.  

Our Commitment

To embrace and assist both local and global communities by offering support in childcare, education, healthcare and church ministries in an effort to provide better quality of life.

Our Values

We value the spirit, potential, creativity, persistence and integrity of all people regardless of natural origin, disability, ethnicity, gender, class and economic status.

To fulfill this mission, The SIHAF Group pledges the following:

  • To create educational, age appropriate activities for infants and children in childcare settings.

  • To provide enhanced technologically driven math, science, and general core curriculums in k-12 education.

  • To provide career-based programs relevant to the business community’s needs while creating a student-centered institution that provides career advancement opportunities through highly technical, competent educational training in a fast-paced learning environment with well-qualified faculty that delivers innovative and challenging instruction.

  • To provide healthcare support services that address individual needs from a holistic perspective of better health and quality of life.

  • To provide a better understanding of God the creator of all things through local and global ministries which provides assistance with food, shelter, clothing,  childcare education, healthcare, business training, and self-sufficiency initiatives.

  • Non Discrimination Policy

    It is the policy of SIHAF k12 Learning Academy not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its employment or in providing education or access to benefits of educational services, activities, and program

    Our History
    2001, JoAnne Walker, single mother of five children graduated from college in 24 months earning a Bachelor’s Degree.
    She continued on 12 month’s later  in 2002 and earned a Master’s Degree

    Then a few  short months later she had earned A.B.D. and 37 doctoral hours. The odds were completely against her. Yet, she understood turning her life over to Jesus Christ God’s only son, that she would one day be blessed to end the vicious cycle of poverty for which she and her young children had been a part of.
      2005 Safe In His Arms Foundation Adult                                                                                                   Literacy Program  

    In 2005, JoAnne Walker founded an adult literacy program of which 28 young men and women joined. The majority of these participants were single parents, first time offenders, and all participated in one or more social service programs. Over a 8 week intense career preparation training, these adults would embark upon a life altering journey of ending dependency on social service programs. Of the 28 students 14 went on to graduate with associate degrees, 5 earned GED’s, 4 placed in employment.

    After documenting the success of the Adult Literacy program Ms. Walker continued to mentor and track the progress of students. Post-completion surveys often revealed that the participants that entered college found themselves ill prepared for college life and lacking the support services necessary to ensure continued success. These services ranged from tutoring, childcare arrangements and transportation. Taking all of the support services needed to ensure student success  SIHAF Career Institute was founded and licensed by the Louisiana Board of Regents Proprietary School division. The early programs included short term courses in Call Center Customer Service Representative, Home Health Technical and Education Specialist. The courses were offerend in online\onsite learning formats to aid students with transporation issues. Each course also provided students with one-on-one tutoring opportunites and small class sizes of 10-1 ratio in an effort to ensure student success. By July 2010, SIHAF Career Institute graduated more than 300 students and placed over half of them in ready to work job assignments. Over 70 percent of the student population where dependent on social service programs prior to enrolling less than 20 percent remained on government assistance after completion of their coursework.           

  •   2010
    In an effort to ensure continued student success  SIHAF Early Learn & Play childcare center was founded. The ideal childcare environment was created for children needing nurturing and loving environments while their mother’s attended school. Extended hours of operation was a key success feature built in to the center. Continued childcare placement at the center while moms moved into the world of work also served as a vital part of ending the cycle of poverty.


  •  2013
    Equipping families with the tools to succeed in the 21st century was the prevailing thought behind establishing  SIHAF K-12 Learning Academy. Students are given opportunities to attend flipped classrooms where they attend lecture only classes online via web camera and skills labs onsite the remaining part of the week. Science and math subjects are given special focus while encouraging technological advancement with these modes of learning. Qualified instruction with cutting edge educational enhancement is sure to prepare students for more rigorous highly technical fields which will foster economic self-sufficiency for generations to come.


    Women and  Children's Shelter, Health and Dental Clinic- Opening Fall 2018


SIHAF Early Learn & Play

Our Philosophy In a safe, loving, respectful environment, children have the greatest opportunity to grow and develop. Such an environment is the foundation on which our childcare programs are built. We seek to invoke moral character based on biblical principles and in doing so assure the parents that your children are considered to be our most valuable possession while in our safe nurturing care. Furthermore, we strive to create an environment that is fulfilling, enriching and supporting of all possible learning and growing opportunities.

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Infants Program (2 weeks-12 months)

Good infant care is neither baby-sitting nor preschool. It is a special kind of care that resembles no other. Our infant program explores ways to help the teachers get "in tune" with each infant they serve and learn from the individual infant what he or she needs, thinks, and feels.

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Young Toddler (12 months-24 months)

We are committed to making our toddler learning environment a safe and loving for each and every child. Through our guidance, your child will gain trust and security and feel the love emanating from our classroom.

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Pre-Schoolers (3-4 year olds)

Our pre-schoolers program provides early learning experiences that enhance the cognitive, emotional, social and physical growth of children.

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Schoolers Program (5 years-13 years)

To provide all school-age children with a safe and secure environment with quality, well supervised enrichment programs that coordinate and complement the student’s regular school program.

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k-12 Education

SIHAF k12 Learning Academy

Why You Should Choose SIHAF k12 Learning Academy. The overall consensus from students enrolled at SIHAF k12 Learning Academy is that the competent teaching staff, flexible hybrid learning and flipped classes make the difference in what they call great education. Our schools strive to be learner focused. And it is eminent in our daily planning and engaging curriculum and fun electives.

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Non Discrimination Policy

It is the policy of SIHAF k12 Learning Academy not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its employment or in providing education or access to benefits of educational services, activities, and programs

Elementary School

Kindergarten-5th Grade Courses

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Junior High School

6th-8th Grade Courses

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High School

9th-12th Grade Courses

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SIHAF k12 Learning Academy has a committed highly education faculty that provides quality education to all enrolled students.

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Career Training

SIHAF Career Institute

At SIHAF Career Institute we pride ourselves in providing highly innovative and technologically advanced educational programs. Since 2007, our school has always strived to create diploma programs that will engage, excite, challenge, and develop critical thinking skills needed in today’s technology-savvy workforce. To achieve this, we have carefully implemented these guiding principles in our blended learning format of face-to-face and on-line instruction curriculum. Moreover, our specialized diploma programs are designed to meet the challenging demands of entry-level positions in today’s medical, and business administration occupations.

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Why You Should Enroll at SIHAF Career Institute

At SIHAF Career Institute we believe that providing our students with what they need in the area of career education is the key to ensuring personal success.

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Call Center\Customer Service Representative: 4 months

Customer Service Representatives respond and resolve customer inquiries, requests, or complaints. They provide information about products and services. Some also take orders and process returns.

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Executive Administrative Assistant: 06 months

A career diploma in Executive Administrative Assistant provides graduates with the necessary skills to excel as entry-level record clerks, financial clerks, insurance agents, securities and commodities, financial services sales agents, computer support specialist, gaming service workers, telephone and sales operators, data clerks, billing and collection agents, telemarketers, virtual assistants and telephone answering service technicians.

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Accounting Specialist

Administrative Services Office Manager: 08 months

Administrative Services Office Managers plan, direct, and coordinate supportive services of an organization. Their specific responsibilities vary by the type of organization and may include keeping records, distributing mail, and planning and maintaining facilities.

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Healthcare Office Administration: 09 months

Healthcare Office Professionals organize and manage health information data by ensuring its quality, accuracy, accessibility, and security in both paper and electronic systems. They use various classification systems to code and categorize patient information for reimbursement purposes, for databases and registries, and to maintain patients’ medical and treatment histories.

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Dental Assistants

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Patient Care Techncians

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Home Health Tecnicians

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At SIHAF Career Institute, our student’s academic success is job #1. By employing well qualified faculty and staff, we honor our commitment to providing a superior learning experience.

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Community Services

Temporary Housing Services 90 days to 12 months

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Family Healthcare Clinic

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Dental Clinic

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SIHAF Career Institute -Graduate Class of 2009"

Cormela H.SIHAF Career Institute

SIHAF Early Learn & Play childcare center 2013-Present Love the Sihaf group, my 1&2 yr old love comin here, Mrs Walker, and her staff make me feel comfortable and secure about leaving my babies there while I work. Im always greeted with a smile and "have a good day" when I walk out, and in the evening im greeted with the sweetest of smiles by Mrs Carla. A sweet and wonderful christian caregiver. I just wish I knew all their names so I could shoutout to all of them :-). But if u want ur children in a wonderful christian based center, this IS the place..."

Sarah B.SIHAF Early Learn & Play

SIHAF k12 Learning Academy Graduate 2014 "I attended SIHAF k12 Learning Academy my 9th grade year through 12th grade. I enjoyed attending classes online and face-to-face. My teachers were encouraging, and really cared about me succeeding. I attended prom, participated in clubs and enrolled in college immediately after graduation."

Lyric W.SIHAF k12 Learning Academy


  • $85
  • 03/02/2018 12:00 PM
  • 405 Hearne Avenue, Shreveport, LA, USA

Sign up for Fall 2018-19 School year for k12 Learning Academy

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  • $75
  • 03/01/2018 08:00 PM
  • 1807 San Jacinto Avenue, Shreveport, LA, USA

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  • $65
  • 02/22/2018 03:00 PM
  • 350 Hearne Avenue, Shreveport, LA, USA

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JoAnne Walker

Executive Director, The SIHAF Group, LLC

M.A., A.B.D, Higher Education Director with over 18 years combined primary and secondary education teaching experience. 10 years managerial experience in education and early childhood setting.

Dennis Montgomery

Principal, SIHAF k12 Learning Academy

M.ED. 30+ years Educator and Administration experience. 22 years Assistant Principal with 10 years collegiate level administration.

Connie Rubey

Campus Director, SIHAF Career Institute

B.A. 25 years workforce administration experience.

Janice Bryant

Kindergarten Teacher, SIHAF k12 Learning Academy

14 years Early childhood education teaching experience. M.A. in Special Education.

Gwen Mason

Office Administrator\SIHAF k12 Learning Academy School Secretary


Marilyn Ray

Workforce Placement Coordinator

B.S. with 30 years workforce case management experience.


  • 350 Hearne Avenue Shreveport, Louisiana, United States (SIHAF Early Learn & Play)
  • 405 Hearne Avenue Shreveport, LA 71103 (SIHAF k12 Learning Acad) 1807 San Jacinto Shreveport LA 71109 (SIHAF Career Institute)



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